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Creativity knows no age, but channeling ideas into workable, efficient processes and products that can change the world? That’s a learning process. Work with mentors who nurture talent from the start, helping you lay the foundation for a fulfilling career.

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Intern Testimonials

Thomas Gerding, HS&E Co-Op,
BA-West Chester OEM & MRO

Q: How do you plan to make an impact during your Internship/Co-Op?

A: “My Health, Safety & Environmental Manager (“HSE”) and I try to utilize an open-door policy where we consistently remind team members that if they have an HSE-related concern or question, they can always swing by and ask us. Personally, I believe my most significant impacts so far have been attempting to reduce our carbon footprint through expanding our recycled waste profiles and working with team members towards reducing workplace hazards to ensure that controls (hierarchy of controls) in place are appropriate.”

Marco Antoinio de la Rosa Moreno, Customer Service Intern, AS-Mexico

Q: What new skills do you hope to gain during your Internship/Co-Op?

A: “During my internship, I plan to learn more about the office environment. I hope to gain more knowledge in my department and learn unique techniques with the programs I work with, which are very important to my future career.”

Adam Oehmen, R&D Intern,
Synventive North America

Q: How will this Internship/Co-Op be helpful for you in your education and future career?

A: “This Co-Op will be helpful to my education and future career because I will quickly gain many skills and learn new coding languages, programs, and techniques that I can apply to any coding I do. Working in a large company and supporting the placement of products into the market while collaborating with groups of people across the globe is a very beneficial experience for me as a college student.”

Valentina Razzano, Warehouse Intern, Thermoplay – Italy

Q: How will this Internship/Co-Op be helpful for you in your education and future career?

A: “This internship will impact my future career by providing me with improved communication skills, the ability to work in groups, and a clarified vision of my future work.”

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"The skillset I developed from working with multiple sites in my internship helped me advance my HR 'craft' and allowed me to build relationships and trust with leaders and colleagues in the organization. Those relationships have been critical to deepening my knowledge of the business, collaborating on cross-functional projects, and finding new opportunities for my professional growth at Barnes."

Marlo Keba, Current Employee/Former Intern

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"After my internship as a Quality Engineer, I knew I wanted to end up at Barnes full time. The company environment is very welcoming of young people looking to get their start in manufacturing, and questions of all varieties are always encouraged and met with a constructive answer."

Candace Settle, Current Employee/Former Intern

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