Culture at Barnes

Advancing what’s possible in the relentless pursuit of next requires a culture that values connection and inclusion—both internally and in how we work with the world.


Our Values

“It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.” At the heart of this statement, often cited by our leaders and employees, are the Barnes Values which are the cornerstone of the Company and the bedrock upon which Barnes has been built and sustained for 165 years. Consistent with these Values, we strive to conduct business with the highest ethical standards, always mindful that our Values define who we are and what we stand for, both as employees and as a company.


How we build tomorrow

Our global experience leaves us open to many ways of doing things right, and we celebrate new approaches and perspectives. It’s that deliberate openness to insight, no matter where it comes from, that lets us continually drive beyond traditional boundaries and help define a future of common good.

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Pursuing ingenuity

Creating culture means aligning employees at all levels on the purpose of our work. At Barnes, we’re constantly asking the WHY of our work and striving to find ways to improve the ways we achieve it. The result is better products and processes, and a culture of finding new ways forward.


Advancing you

When you thrive, we thrive. Barnes believes so strongly in helping our employees to be at their best that we have developed systems for assessing wide ranges of experience and putting the right talent in the right place at the right time. We set you up for success.


Celebrating people

Working at Barnes means exploring differences–in knowledge, in backgrounds, in life experience, in talent–and learning from each other new ways to solve problems. Barnes celebrates diversity, rewards excellent work and shines a light on your work so that others can learn from it.


Future ingenuity

Barnes believes in building more resilient communities and a brighter future through education and culture building. We try to open the minds of tomorrow’s original thinkers with significant investment at the local level today.