Apprenticeship Program at Synventive Germany

Q: What is the duration of the program?
A: Between 3 and 3 ½ years.

Can you provide an overview of Synventive Germany’s Apprenticeship Program?
A: A Synventive apprentice can train as a Technical Product Designer, Industrial Management Assistant, or Metal Cutting Mechanic.

  • The Technical Product Designer apprenticeship lasts 3 years and focuses on machine and plant engineering. The apprentice will learn the process of designing and constructing new products, creating technical documents, computer-assisted construction, and distinguishing manufacturing processes and assembly techniques.
  • The Industrial Management Assistant apprenticeship lasts 3 years and incorporates all business sectors. This role will work as a customer-oriented agent involved in team, process, and project-oriented tasks, learn how to market and sell business products, and identify business needs.
  • The Metal Cutting Mechanic apprenticeship lasts 3 ½ years and specializes in the manufacture of metal precision components (wheel hubs, gears, turbine parts, etc.). The apprentice will set up automated turning, milling, and grinding machines and create CNC machine programs.

When do you normally recruit people to join the Apprenticeship Program?
A: We typically begin our recruiting activities one year before the apprenticeship starts. For example, the recruitment for our 2019 Apprenticeship Program will begin in October 2018.

Which schools does Synventive usually recruit from?
A: Synventive has no fixed cooperation with schools, but relies on graduation conditions specific to each apprenticeship. Please contact Synventive Germany for more information.

How many apprentices does Synventive typically hire each year?
A: We typically hire 2 industrial clerk apprentices, 2 technical product designers, and 4 cutting machine operators in different educational years.

Who can I contact for more information?
A: To learn more about available apprenticeships at Synventive Germany, please contact Sabrina Lengwenus at