Our Commitment to Our People​

Our employees are our most important asset and a key driver of our success. Through our Talent Management System (TMS), we reinforce our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and fairness in our hiring and promotion processes. The TMS provides robust processes and tools to facilitate and support our employees’ development, empowerment, and engagement to unleash and reach their full potential.


Barnes supports the diverse and evolving needs of our global workforce and the organization’s need for productivity, efficiency, and innovation through initiatives such as apprenticeship and intern/co-op programs, hybrid flexible work arrangements, and the BarnesWorx™ Community.



Barnes’ processes and tools help employees fully leverage and utilize their skills and capabilities to perform at their best and contribute meaningfully to achieving the goals and objectives of the business.




Barnes supports the development of employees through ongoing training and awareness, assessments, career planning, and development and enrichment opportunities. The Barnes University learning portal provides employees with thousands of individually managed training courses to support upskilling the workforce in digital literacy, computational thinking, data analytics, and visualization offerings.



Barnes upholds employee engagement and involvement across the Company and in the communities in which our employees work and live. Our Global Employee Engagement Survey was designed to assess how employees feel about their workplace with the goal of Listening Better, Engaging our Talent, and Driving Growth. ​



Aligned with our “pay-for-performance” philosophy, Barnes recognizes and rewards employees for their contributions to the Company and facilitates their ongoing engagement, performance, and retention. We utilize rigorous pay practices to ensure our team members are compensated fairly, equitably, and competitively.

Barnes is proud to offer comprehensive and competitive pay and benefits. Our compensation program is aligned with our pay-for-performance philosophy, external market competitiveness, and internal practices to ensure team members are compensated fairly, equitably, and competitively across the Company. ​


Our benefits packages include comprehensive medical benefits, mental health care, retirement programs, financial protection, and other work/life services to help our employees and their families thrive. We empower and enable employees to take control of their health and well-being by providing holistic and purpose-driven programs. Our benefits include paid memberships and access to Care.com, the Calm app, Tuition.io support, and pet insurance.

Our global flexible work arrangement enhances our employees’ working experience, inspires innovative and an engaged work culture, and enables work-life balance. Through our Global Hybrid Flexile Work Arrangement Program, we balance the diverse and evolving needs of our global workforce with the Company’s focus on driving productivity, efficiency, and innovation. While the Global Hybrid Flexible Work Arrangement Program may be more applicable to salaried positions, our hourly positions can leverage modified shift schedules based on production requirements and business needs. ​

Untitled-2The Barnes Annual Achievement Awards, Thomas O. Barnes Innovation Leadership Award, and the Barnes BRAVO Program recognizes employees who go above and beyond to contribute to the Company’s performance and success in alignment with our Core Values.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion​

At Barnes, we promote and embrace a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect; where all employees are supported, encouraged, and empowered to engage, contribute, and achieve their fullest potential in a safe and rewarding environment.

Diversity of thought, perspective, and approach is a powerful means to uncover innovative solutions for the unique challenges of today and tomorrow. This approach serves as a genuine differentiator and key competitive advantage for Barnes. We believe that a diverse workforce fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovative ideas, and our Senior Leadership Team is committed to elevating D&I conversations to drive innovation and tangible, sustainable outcomes.​


Barnes values the diversity and inclusion of every individual, and every employee makes Barnes a unique and special Company. “Celebrating Our People” is an internal communication initiative designed to embrace and celebrate the global and cultural diversity at Barnes. It provides a platform for the Company to highlight and observe the multicultural differences among our employees.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) – Barnes has a longstanding partnership with the NSBE. Funded through the Barnes Foundation, we provide scholarships to undergraduate students majoring in mechanical, design, project, industrial, plastics, software, data science, robotics, and/or computer engineering. We support NSBE’s mission “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”


Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) – Barnes is a Corporate Partnership Council Member and supports SWE’s mission to “empower women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders.” Our partnership strives to increase diverse representation in our global workforce.


Women in Aviation International (WAI) – Barnes maintains a membership with WAI, an organization dedicated to encouraging and advancing women in aviation.

Our Commitment to Health & Safety​​

Untitled-1Barnes is firmly committed to promoting and maintaining a safe workplace for our employees and communities and ensuring that our operations align with all relevant laws, regulations, and corporate policies concerning workplace safety and environmental protection. Our HSE program includes documented standards that are consistent with our commitment to HSE and applicable to all Barnes strategic business units. Moreover, our internal HSE audit program employs standard protocols to measure and monitor progress, ensuring that actions are diligently tracked to closure and results are transparently communicated to our Senior Leadership Team.


Our “safety first” mindset starts with our leadership. We actively work towards identifying and mitigating workplace hazards to prevent injuries. This is achieved through the implementation of our HSE standards and initiatives like the critical risk mitigation program, HSE Zone Leadership, the utilization of job safety analyses, risk assessments, non-routine pre-job reviews, and management of change. Our operations and HSE leaders collaborate directly with employees who face risks associated with lockout/tagout, working from heights, and confined space entry to “practice safety” – exercise the correct steps to execute tasks safely.


Our HSE oversight extends to hazardous waste management and compliance with environmental permitting and reporting requirements, reflecting our commitment to environmental compliance, and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Commitment to Our Communities

At Barnes, we believe that being a good corporate citizen begins with being a great community leader, which is why we encourage philanthropy, compassion, and change through our Barnes Group Foundation.

Founded in 1945 and funded by the Company, the Barnes Group Foundation is committed to the support of education, the arts, civic and youth activities, and health-related charities in the global communities in which the Company operates. The Foundation is a private grant-making organization supported by Barnes as a vehicle for providing a balanced contribution program to accomplish the Company’s objective of good corporate citizenship.

The Barnes Group Foundation established a Scholarship Program to assist the children of Barnes employees who plan to pursue post-secondary education by enrolling in college or a technical vocational program. Renewable scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at any accredited post-secondary institution of the student’s choice.

The Barnes Group Foundation provides a 2-to-1 matching gifts program for employee donations made to qualified nonprofit organizations, up to a yearly cumulative maximum of $4,000 per employee/spouse.

Employees who volunteer a minimum of 30 hours to assist a local charitable organization during the year are eligible to apply for a Volunteer Action Award. The awards are grants of up to $2,000 presented to the charitable organization to which the employee has donated their time.​