CNC-School Training at Strömsholmen

Q: What is the duration of the CNC-School Program?
A: 6 months.

Can you provide an overview of Strömsholmen’s CNC-School Program?
A: Beginning in February, a trainee studies for 12 weeks to obtain their CNC green card and then works for 12 weeks at Strömsholmen as a CNC Operator. After the program ends in July, each trainee is hired for at least two months over the summer period.

When do you normally recruit people to join the CNC-School?
A: We start recruiting in December and January for trainees to begin in February of each year.

Which schools does Strömsholmen usually recruit from?
A: Holavedschool.

How many trainees does Strömsholmen typically hire each year?
A: Approximately 15 CNC Operators.

How many trainees have been hired as full time employees since the beginning of Strömsholmen’s CNC-School?
A: Between 20 and 25 trainees have been hired as CNC Operators since the program began 3 years ago.