Apprenticeship Program at Heinz Hänggi

Q: What is the duration of the Apprenticeship Program?
A: Between 3 and 4 years.

Can you provide an overview of Heinz Hänggi’s Apprenticeship Program?
A: A Heinz Hänggi apprentice trains as a Production Mechanic, Polymechanic, or Commercial Employee and simultaneously attends vocational college one-two days per week.

  • The Production Mechanic apprenticeship lasts 3 years, and specializes in basic technical knowledge (milling, drilling, grinding), stamping, fine-blanking, or tooling-maintenance.
  • The Polymechanic apprenticeship lasts 4 years, and specializes in basic technical knowledge (milling, drilling, grinding), tool-making, tooling maintenance, or complex manufacturing processes.
  • The Commercial Employee apprenticeship lasts 3 years, and focuses on administrative tasks in departments such as Procurement, Customer Services, Supply Chain, Finance, and HR.

When do you normally recruit people to join the Apprenticeship Program?
A: We kick-off our recruiting activities one year before the apprenticeship starts. For example, the recruitment for our 2019 Apprenticeship Program will begin in August 2018.

Which schools does Heinz Hänggi usually recruit from?
A: Schulhaus Büelen in Bettlach; SEK I Zentrum in Grenchen; Schulhaus Mitte und Schulhaus Dorf in Lengnau; and Zweckverband Schulkreis BeLoSe in Bellach, Lommiswil, and Selzach.

Q: How many apprentices does Heinz Hänggi typically hire each year?
A: We typically hire 3 technical apprentices (Polymechanic and Production Mechanic) each year and 1 Commercial Employee every 3 years.

Who can I contact for more information?
A: To learn more about available apprenticeships at Heinz Hänggi, please contact Nicole Müller at